Car Small Maintenance

- Mar 16, 2018-

Small maintenance content:

Small maintenance generally refers to routine maintenance items that are made at the time or mileage specified by the manufacturer to ensure vehicle performance after the vehicle has traveled a certain distance. Mainly includes the replacement of oil and oil filter.

Small maintenance intervals:

The minimum maintenance time depends on the effective time or mileage of the oil and oil filter used. Different brands of mineral oil, semi-synthetic engine oil and synthetic motor oil have different validity periods. Please refer to the manufacturer's recommendations. Oil filter is generally divided into conventional and long-term two kinds of conventional oil filter with a random oil replacement, long-term oil filter use longer.

Small maintenance supplies:

1. Oil is the engine's running oil. Can play the role of engine lubrication, cleaning, cooling, sealing, grinding and so on. It is of great significance to reduce the wear of engine parts and extend the service life.

2. The oil filter unit is the component of the filter oil. Oil contains a certain amount of glial, impurities, moisture and additives; in the engine work process, the metal debris generated by the friction of various parts, the inhalation of air impurities, oil and other oil, are the object of oil filter. If the oil is not filtered, directly entering the oil circuit circulation will have an adverse effect on the performance and life of the engine.