Carburizing Heat Treatment

- Mar 01, 2018-

The main purpose of carburizing heat treatment is to make the parts get good anti-fatigue properties and wear resistance, to ensure the reliability of parts performance. Hardening with carburizing heat treatment parts are: the differential drive gear vehicle gearbox, gearbox gear parts, steering gear parts, the engine piston pin and gear parts.

Car parts carburizing heat treatment equipment are mainly box-type multi-purpose furnace, single row, double row and multi-row continuous furnace, vacuum (low pressure) carburizing high pressure gas quenching furnace. Ten years, an important symbol of the development of carburizing heat treatment technology is the sensing technology and computer technology in the production of applications. Carburizing heat treatment process parameters, such as temperature, time, carbon potential, quenching process and the action program completely automatic control, and even according to the technical requirements of the parts, material grades and characteristics, the system can automatically generate technology to achieve intelligent control.