Classicfy According To Transmission Ratio Changes

- Feb 11, 2018-

A-level transmission is the most widely used. It uses gear transmission, with a number of fixed value transmission ratio. Depending on the type of wheel train used, there are two types: Transient Type SpeedClass and Axial Rotary Transmission. Semitrailers and light, medium truck transmission transmission ratio usually 3-5 forward and reverse gear, in the heavy truck with a combination of transmission, there are more stalls. The so-called transmission gear refers to the number of forward gears.

CVT transmission ratio in a certain range of values can be infinitely multi-level changes, there are common electric and hydraulic (dynamic liquid) two. Variable speed transmission power transmission components for the DC series motor, in addition to the application of trolley buses, the dump truck super heavyweight also has a wide range of trends. Hydrodynamic CVT transmission components for the torque converter.

Integrated transmission is a hydraulic mechanical transmission composed of a torque converter and a gear-type step-variable transmission, the transmission ratio of which can be infinitely changed within a few intermittent ranges between the maximum value and the minimum value. Application More.