The Knowledge Of Fender

- Feb 08, 2018-

The fender is a car body cover that covers the wheel, named after the shape and position of the bird's wing on a vintage car. In accordance with the installation location is divided into front fenders and rear fenders, the front fender installed in the front wheel, you must ensure that the front wheel when the maximum limit of rotation and beating, so the designer will be based on the selected tire type Size Use the Wheel Beat Chart to verify that the fender's design dimensions are appropriate.

The rear fender has no wheel rubbing problem, but for aerodynamic reasons the rear fender slightly arches and protrudes outward. The wings of some cars have become integral with the body of the car and are manufactured in one go. But there are sedan fenders are independent, especially the front fenders, because the front fender collisions more opportunities, independent assembly easy to replace the whole.

Is disposed above the wheel of the vehicle as an outer panel on the side of the vehicle and is formed of resin, and the fender is integrally formed of an outer plate portion and a reinforcing portion resin, wherein the outer plate portion is exposed on the side surface of the vehicle, The edge portion of the outer plate portion disposed on the back surface of the adjacent member adjacent to the outer plate portion extends and the engaging portion for engaging the adjacent member is formed between the edge portion of the outer plate portion and the reinforcing portion.